Counselling & Psychotherapy



·     Are you going through a difficult time in your life ?

·     Are you finding it difficult to cope ?

·     Are you feeling depressed ?

·     Do you feel anxious ?

These may be some of the concerns you have about your life at this time. Counselling offers an empathetic, safe and confidential environment where you can explore your life issues and your difficulties, especially if you are encountering emotional and mental health challenges. Counselling does not tell you what to do or give you advice. It challenges and enables you to arrive at your own choices and decisions, which will work best for you, thus enabling you to live and enjoy a more fulfilled and happy life.   

Salubris is based in Waterford and provides Counselling and Psychotherapy with experienced IACP accredited Counsellors in a safe and confidential place, for both couples and individuals.